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I love drawing on anything that will soak in my pens, so please don't shy away from asking me to scribble on things that you want brightened up and made completely unique.

dino land


It turns out some people love dinosaurs as much as I do, so I clapped extremely hard when I was asked to create something for a dino-mad mum! It was agreed that I would design 3 birch wood brooches (dino shaped of course) and hand draw patterns on to them. As a little surprise, I designed packaging for the little dinos and I've heard the gift went down a treat, which is always a bonus!


I was commissioned by a thoughtful gent who wanted me to create a set of brooches that would capture his girlfriends love of tea. I know right, brilliant idea!


Luckily, I already had large laser cut birch wood teapots and teacups that would fit the bill.


I inked the wood up in DanYELL patterns and displayed the brooches in a playful manner, where the teapot was "pouring" tea in to the teacup.


All that was missing was the cupcakes!



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Now, this was a rather special commision for me!


My lovely mum and dad turned 50 in January and to celebrate, they wanted a joint birthday party. This is where I step in with, "Oh, I'll design your invites!", for free of course!


My parents were keen to have their faces on the invites (vain eh?) and were settled on a design that was lighthearted and fun.


Varied font designs and sizes played a big part in the over all design and I'm pleased my parents 'got it'. Retro black and white sweetie bags acted as the envelopes.


Needless to say, all of the invites were sent and everyone, including myself, had a mighty fine time at the party! Well done mum and dad :)

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This art piece below was not a commission of such; it was a present to my mum and dad for their 50th birthdays! They have been livining in this beautiful Victorian house for the past 3 years, in the west end of Glasgow and they have always wanted a drawing of it. Although it has taken me a while to find time to produce it, I am pleased to say it is finished! I thought I would surprise them with it for their birthday and thankfully they hung it up on the wall straight away! I LOVE drawing buildings so if you would like me to doodle your house or your favourite building, you know who to contact!



This commission will definitely appeal to those with a sweet tooth! I had to keep the invites a secret for MONTHS, so you can imagine my joy when I finally got to share it with you all!


The bride and groom were very specific with their requirements which made my life a whole lot easier and made the creative experience highly fun and enjoyable.


To top it all off, I have received wonderful feedback regarding the quality of the over all product, which I am completely thrilled about!


I'm not gonna lie; I stole a bit of the chocolate and it is SCRUMPTIOUS!

Geez, thanks for visiting!

All Copyright DanYELL 2013

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